Internship for Emerging Designers from London

Provide internship opportunities for promising design students to learn through teaching.

By partnering with the prestigious art school Central St Martins in London, Paper Fig has been able to bring over stellar design students to East Africa to help with our programming, as well as to broaden their horizons and give them a life-changing experience. The first Paper Fig intern, Cecily Cracroft-Eley, moved to Uganda for six months with an idea.

“I said you have an idea, but once you get there you’ll know what direction to go,” said Rachel Young, Director of City Programs. 

Cracroft-Eley thought she would teach women how to make patterns, but when she saw the lack of resources like electricity, she knew she had to be flexible.

“She ended up teaching women to crochet,” said Young. “She pivoted to something more accessible.”

The Paper Fig Foundation Internship Program functions as a cultural exchange as well as an exchange of skills. While CSM students share technical skills, they also live and work in Eastern Africa, gaining a whole new perspective on the world.