Leadership Announcement: Edith Muhindo

December 11, 2018  

The Paper Fig Foundation is pleased to announce that Edith Muhindo has been promoted to Area Supervisor in Kasese, Uganda. Edith will be responsible for all Paper Fig Foundation projects in the area, from the Sew School to its new Alumni Association, the Marietta Steinberg Health Center to the Women’s Empowerment Program. 

"I accept the position and all the responsibility it comes with," said Muhindo. "Thank you for appreciating my work and assigning me with the new position of Area Supervisor. I commit myself to execute my duties to the best of my ability."

In her years as Assistant Area Manager, Edith demonstrated an ability to report in detail on the progress of Paper Fig Foundation initiatives, as well as a motivation to push projects forward. Her commitment to the growth of the foundation initiatives and to the sustainable development of her community make her an ideal candidate for Area Supervisor.

Paper Fig Foundation has a mission to empower women in East Africa through fashion and fine arts, and even though Edith is not behind a sewing machine or walking down a runway, she is the embodiment of this mission. 

“If you empower a girl, you empower her whole community,” said Nobel Prize laureate and BELA MUSANA Host Committee member Leymah Gbowee. 

We believe that Edith Muhindo will lead us into a more holistic and genuine empowerment of the women, and the general population, of Kasese, Uganda.