Bela Musana: Be the Light. See the Light.

November 3, 2018  

There are so many reasons to attend BELA MUSANA on November 27: Perhaps it’s to support the health center in rural Uganda, which provides lifesaving malaria medication to 20 people each months. Maybe it’s the sew school, which has graduated over 200 young women, 70% of whom are now using those skills to sustain themselves. Or maybe it’s to help Paper Fig Fellows like Cedric Mizero, who, with the support of our Foundation, has begun to catch the eye of many around the globe.

But there’s another, perhaps more selfish, reason to attend BELA MUSANA in at Union Park in New York City on Giving Tuesday, November 27th. It’s gonna be a great show.

Learn more about Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews’ moving performance, and go behind the scenes with these award-winning performers, by checking out our three-part series on The Invisible Thread next week, on Instagram and here on our web site: