Bela Musana: One More Reason... Cedric Mizero

November 26, 2018  

One more reason to attend BELA MUSANA on GivingTuesday tomorrow night - Cedric Mizero, one of our Fellows, and an emerging artist and designer from Rwanda. We believe in Cedric.

When Paper Fig Foundation founder Laurie DeJong met Cedric a few years ago, he didn’t speak any English and had never left Rwanda. But she saw a unique spirit and raw talent. After dedicated study, Cedric learned the language and has now been to New York Fashion Week twice. He recently received a prestigious offer from the British Fashion Council to study in London.

But if Cedric doesn’t come up with the funds necessary to study in London, he’ll lose this precious opportunity. Paper Fig Foundation is committed to helping Cedric, and by attending BELA MUSANA (or donating!) you can help him, too!