Board Member: Brianne Chai-Onn

November 12, 2018  

Brianne Chai Onn met Paper Fig founder Laurie DeJong when they collaborated on the Shinnyo Buddhist lantern floating at Lincoln Center, and Chai Onn quickly realized that the invisible thread that connects all the projects of the Paper Fig Foundation connected to her too. She loves the way Paper Fig Foundation approaches its work, as partners and not saviors.

“I don’t want to see other people taking advantage of the African culture,” she said. “Africans should be leveraging their own culture. I like that Paper Fig is rooted in developing the industry in Africa.”

For Chai Onn, who’s a partner with Finn Partners, being on the Board of the Paper Fig Foundation complements everything else she does.

“It’s that invisible thread,” she said. “It makes me feel I am right where I am supposed to be.”