Meet Paper Fig Foundation Board Member
David McIntyre

October 29, 2018  

Meet the Board: David McIntyre

David McIntyre, a notable fashion photographer, has worked on NY Fashion Week for many years. But when Paper Fig Foundation founder Laurie DeJong asked McIntyre to join her in her work in Eastern Africa, it brought into alignment two aspects of his life: what he’s really good at and what he really cares about. He wanted his work to have impact, and the Paper Fig Foundation has given him that.

“I wanted to do some good with what I love,” said McIntyre.

He recalls the first time he traveled with Paper Fig Foundation, for the first Kampala Fashion Week five years ago. He was trying to get the right shots, and was struggling.

“The background was made out of vinyl that melted in the light,” he said. “For me, a perfectionist, [the background] got more and more disturbing.”

But when he saw pictures of this year’s KFW, now its fifth season, he was moved by the impact.

“It was so polished and professional,” he said. “Having been there, and keeping track of what’s going on, to see the results, to see it’s real and we’ve made a difference… A huge difference.”

That’s why he loves the work. His most recent trip to the sites of the Paper Fig Foundation was as a documentary filmmaker, collecting footage for the film that will screen at Bela Musana on November 27. As someone who has seen his fair share of runway shows, McIntyre was particularly moved by the one at the Paper Fig Foundation Sew School in Kasese, Uganda.

“I mean, come on,” he said. “I’ve been to so many fashion shows with so many cynics, and so many people trying to look impressive, and I never felt the sheer joy backstage or the expression of life at that fashion show… The color and the blue sky and the saturation of the fabrics – that’s gonna live in my mind forever.”