Brian Sonko, Uganda Seed Project Winner

September 23, 2019  

When Brian Sonko won the Uganda Seed Project last year, he began a new and exciting journey with the Paper Fig Foundation. Not only did Rachel Young become his mentor, helping him to plan and design his collection for the upcoming 6th Annual Kampala Fashion Week. He also stepped into the role of mentor himself, leading master classes in Kasese, where Paper Fig Foundation started a Skills Training Institute and Alumni Association. Brian's innovative ideas, especially in relation to sustainable materials and cultural preservation, have impressed the management of Paper Fig Foundation so much that Brian was commissioned to create 25 backpacks that use his technique of working with bark cloth, a traditional Ugandan material, to create a sustainable product. These Brian Sonko backpacks are available as gestures of gratitude to anyone who donates over $500, so please consider making your donation now.  

Stay up to date on Brian's accomplishments by following us on Instagram and Facebook, as Paper Fig Foundation will be front and center at Kampala Fashion Week to support this talented designer.