Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2018

October 15, 2018  

When Claudia Lumor aligned with the Paper Fig Foundation, she was already a leader in the fashion industry in her home country of Ghana. When she created Glitz Africa, it was the first high-end fashion/lifestyle magazine in Ghana.

“I started Glitz Africa when everyone said it wouldn’t work,” said Lumor.

Since then, she’s grown her brand to become a building block of the fashion industry in Ghana, with Glitz Africa Fashion Week and the Glitz Style Awards.

“Paper Fig was great in sending me a production expert team to work with me and my team on improving how we produce the shows and achieving global standards,” said Lumor.

The 6th Annual Glitz Africa Fashion Week is currently underway, and the world is starting to take notice. Lumor was recently appointed an Ambassador to the United Nations.

“I’m determined to push African fashion to global acceptance,” said Lumor. “I believe corporate brands will start soon believing how huge, impactful, sustainable careers and job creation this industry has to offer young people and graduates who would have been unemployed.”