Meet the Filmmakers

October 23, 2018  

Ron Voller and David McIntyre went on a storytelling quest with the Paper Fig Foundation, and what they came back with was dozens of hours of footage, thousands of stills, and an even deeper connection to the organization they both already loved. Voller has been involved with the Paper Fig Foundation since the beginning, and he has been largely responsible for the movement on the water project that brought fresh water to the Marietta Stoneberg health center in Kihara this year. McIntyre is on the Board of the Paper Fig Foundation and, of all the hundreds of fashion shows he’s filmed over his decades in the business, the one in Kasese on this trip was by far his favorite.

“The starting point is Laurie’s passion,” said McIntyre of his connection to the Paper Fig Foundation. “It’s infectious. You want to join and to help.”

The film they created, which will be running on a loop at the Bela Musana event, includes clips of interviews with many of the people doing the work on the ground, as well as many whose lives have been affected because of the Paper Fig Foundation.  For Voller, getting to the heart of the story has been a long process.

“The first thing you learn is a bit of a shock,” said Voller, “most people in the rural areas living on less than a dollar a day. Letting this wash over you and not focusing on that, which is pretty well documented, but focusing instead on where the path out of that life might lead.”

Through his filmmaking, McIntyre has been able to soak in the work of the Paper Fig Foundation in a deep way.

“I always thought of documentary work as a meditation,” he said. “You have to forget about the past and future and get in the moment as much as you can. Let it wash over you but also suck it all in and let it go through you.”