Edith and the Machines
Stitching the Fabric of our Foundation

September 5, 2018  

Edith is just as involved in the workings of the Marietta Steinberg Health Center, which opened in November of 2015. Since its opening, hundreds of children have been vaccinated for six fatal diseases, and the health center has hosted dozens of educational programs focused on mosquito nets, hygiene, and other simple actions people can take to improve their wellbeing.

“I’m changing lives,” said Muhindo, “because I’m supervising the health center where we are treating poor people who can’t afford medical services, we’re treating them of their sicknesses for free, we are teaching them about health issues, basic hygiene, immunization. And so the people’s health has improved.”

Malaria is the number one disease  that affects patients in Kasese. With medication, it is completely treatable, but without it, it’s deadly. The health center treats people with malaria almost every day.

At one point, Edith and the team found that they were running out of medications very quickly, preventing them from providing sick patients with the best care. They realized that, because it was completely free to come to the health center, people were sometimes coming for medications as a preventative measure. Edith helped organize a community meeting, and listened to the suggestions of the people the health center is designed to serve.

“We implemented a 1000 shilling charge when people come,” she said.

1000 shillings is equal to about a quarter: It was just enough to prevent people from stockpiling medications, but it was not so much that it prevented them from coming to the health center. And the five people who came who could not afford the charge were still treated.

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