Edith and the Machines
Stitching the Fabric of our Foundation

September 7, 2018  

Edith’s Hope for the Future

One of the qualities we admire in Edith is that she looks towards the future, and she thinks of how the Paper Fig Foundation can promote long-term success in Kasese.

“My dream for the Paper Fig Foundation program is that all our programs expand,” she said. “For example, we have the sew school here in Kidodo, but Kasese is quite a large district. I’d like to see Paper Fig expand to other villages because there are some villages that are more badly off. We could expand our programs so that all those people are incorporated and our services reach them.”

She suggests using the model of the sew school as starting point to grow in other directions.

“We can get involved in handcrafts,” she said, “like teaching the ladies how to weave baskets which are usually sold in the market, and they are marketable because the government is running a program of abolishing plastic bags for environmental reasons.”

She also points out that the boys in the area need something to do, and while they are invited to join the Paper Fig Sew School, so far the attendance is 99% female. Instead, she suggests education in something more culturally appealing to boys, like carpentry.

Edith Muhindo is on the ground every day, making the programs of the Paper Fig Foundation run. But as much as she gives, she is grateful.

“We really appreciate all the staffs, board members and all the donors of Paper Fig Foundation for having such a big heart,” she said. “We are so grateful and we continue to pray that God blesses you and blesses the work of your hands so that you continue assisting these children so that they can also have a bright future.”    

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