Medrine and the Sewing School
Stitching the Fabric of our Foundation

August 24, 2018  

Part 3 in a series of 3. Find Parts 1 & 2 here.

The Kasese staff quickly realized that after their students graduated from the Paper Fig Sew School, they were not done. The community that these young women have forged together is valuable. It’s more than just acquiring skills. It’s a safe place where they can work together and grow. That’s why they came up with the Paper Fig Foundation Alumni Association.

“The graduates of the Paper Fig Sew School are still connected to this school,” said Edith Muhindo, Director of Operations of the Paper Fig Foundation in Kasese. “These girls are able to come back here, and when they have customers they can come and sew their clothes, and go and sell them.”

They successfully lobbied the government for 16 machines: 14 sewing machines and two knitting machines, to be shared by the Paper Fig Alumni Association.

“We also made a saving circle,” said Muhindo, “so they meet together and save up some money from the incomes they get from the dresses they make, and then they can borrow that money to do other things in their lives.”

In the future, the circle of graduates will only grow, and Edith and Medrine both look forward to watching more and more graduates succeed and contribute to the fabric of this community.

Learn more about how to support Medrine’s work, and see footage of her leading her students down the runway at the annual Kidodo fashion show at Bela Musana, a benefit supporting the Paper Fig Foundation on November 27, 2018.

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