Paper Fig Foundation Welcomes its Largest Class Ever

March 28, 2019  

After moving to a new location in Kasese, the Paper Fig Skills Training School now has its largest class ever. Our two teachers are working between two locations now: The main school is much more central than it was before, and is large enough to house both the school and the ever-growing and developing Paper Fig Alumni Association. This location is ideal because it can actually draw foot traffic, and as our burgeoning tailors and designers grow in their careers, their wares will have more visibility. 

But our founder, Laurie DeJong, felt strongly that we maintain a presence in the more remote neighborhood of Kidodo, where povertyh levels are at their highest in the region. So we have a Paper Fig Annex in Kidodo where students who can't make it to the central school can still enroll. 

Currently, there are 100 students in the main sew school and an additional 32 students studying at the annex. Their curriculum is a 6-month program that includes skills training from machine operation to cutting fabric to working with patterns and, ultimately, making dresses. The graduates will wear their final project in the Kidodo Fashion Show, which will enjoy its fourth run this April.