Year-Round Drinking Water at the Health Center

February 25, 2019  

The Paper Fig Foundation celebrated when our team of local laborers finished building the 10,000 liter holding tank last fall, ensuring that visitors to the health center would have fresh, clean water at the ready. But we knew the road was long, and as the dry season crept closer, our team continued working towards a year-round solution to providing healthy drinking water to Kihara province. Malaria is the most common illness in this region, and contaminated drinking water is a main cause. In addition, at the health center, Dr. Joseph says that the first treatment for many illnesses is a glass of water. 

Through the cooperation of our Area Supervisor Edith Muhindo and the many officials and workers needed to see the project through, work is now underway to connect the holding tank to the town water supply. This involves extensive digging to connect plumbing underground through rough terriain. Along with the contract workers hired for this task, many members of the community have volunteered to help with the work because of the importance of this water supply to their health and wellbeing.