Runway Roundup - Issue 8

August 16, 2018  

Here’s the latest edition of Runway Roundup, a collection of intriguing articles at the intersection of fashion, technology, and Africa. Have a look and share your thoughts.

The complex future of African fabric (which isn't African) - CNN -  Rapid accelerations in technology have made African prints easily accessible and at the disposal of those who choose to wear them. And some historians wonder what lies ahead for the cloths in coming years.

Soon, the most beautiful people in the world may no longer be human - Washington Post - Shudu has been called “the world’s first digital supermodel,” and the obsessive fawning over her lifelike features provoke suggests she won’t be the last.

MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund - TechCrunch - Sokowatch’s platform connects Africa’s informal retail stores directly to local and multi-national suppliers — such as Unilever and Proctor and Gamble — by digitizing orders, delivery and payments with the aim of reducing costs and increasing profit margins.

Ethiopia aims to become largest production hub in Africa - Innovation in Textiles - A few years ago, the Ethiopian government set ambitious goals for the textiles and garment industry with production, productivity and export performance of the industry set to be further increased.