Runway Roundup - Issue 1

May 24, 2018  

Welcome to the first edition of Runway Roundup, a short collection of interesting articles at the intersection of fashion, technology, and Africa. 

Will fashiontech make Africa more competitive in the global fashion sector? - Ventureburn - Sub-Saharan Africa represents just under one percent of global fashion exports. Could the fusion of tech and fashion make Africa more competitive in the industry?

The Influencer's Insight: Afua Rida Is the Stylist Passionate About Telling African Stories Through Fashion - OkayAfrica - This Ghanaian fashion influencer, stylist and consultant is thriving in a world where Africans are excluded from global fashion conversations.

A Look Into The Fabulous Fashion World Of David Tlale - The Guardian - Guardian Life caught up with the unique designer, who has stitches running from South Africa to places many designers only dream about, to discuss his life and work.

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