The Back to School Campaign

October 28, 2020  

COVID-19 has shaken the world, and the responsees across the globe have been varied, each with their own consequence. In Uganda, the government swiftly shut down the economy, preventing the immediate spread of the virus, but also crippling the economy. The students of the PFF Skills Training Center had only just begun their free 6-month course in tailoring, which promised to give them a path out of poverty. Unfortunately, for the past 6 months, these students have had to stay home instead. In January of 2021, we want to re-open under the safe guidelines that the "new normal" requires. In masks, with social distancing, and frequent handwashing, we believe we can bring small groups together again to help them grow and develop their skills. 

This also affects the teachers. During this time, our foundation had to reduce the salaries of our teachers while they were out of work, though we always mader sure we were paying them enough to get by. We've also worked to make it up to them by financing the mask campaign, paying them a partial salary and compensating them for the items they produce. Medrine, the lead teacher at the PFF Skills Training Center, gave birth to a baby girl in July. Now she is ready to get back into the classroom, receive her full pay, and support her family, with her baby on her chest.

Life keeps marching on, and we want to continue to support our staff, students, and alumni even through these challenging times. Help us by donating today, and receive your beautiful handmade  mask as thanks.