The Growing Web

October 10, 2018  

The Invisible Thread is a central concept at Paper Fig Foundation: through fashion and fine arts, we stitch together cultures, platforms, and people. These threads are strong, and once they’ve been stitched into the fabric of the Paper Fig Foundation, they are not easily unraveled. Most of the people who have worked with Paper Fig in the past remain connected to the organization, and nowhere is this more visible than at Kampala Fashion Week.

The Uganda Seed Project, which culminated at KFW, was a labor of love for Paper Fig Foundation fellows, interns, employees, and hopefuls. Even though the contest only lasted one evening, the project was a months-long experience through which twelve aspiring designers took workshops and learned about the industry.

Gloria Wavamunno, Founder of Kampala Fashion Week and Paper Fig Foundation partner, helped lead workshops on creating mood boards and costing projects. Fiona Mapengo, a former Paper Fig Foundation Fellow who remains a consultant for the foundation, was with the finalists every step of the way, from brainstorming initial ideas to the final fitting. Edward Semprini, another former Fellow, became a lead mentor. Paper Fig Foundation Intern Cecily Cracroft-Eley, a student at the prestigious arts school Central St. Martins in London, taught a class in “The Creative Process and Research”.  

“Everybody brings something different to the table,” said Rachel Young, Project Manager of the Uganda Seed Project. “I can’t say enough about how amazing it was to work with them and to see the program grow.”