The Invisible Thread

November 7, 2018  

Matt Gould and Griffin Matthews created the musical "The Invisible Thread" (originally "Witness Uganda") years before they met Laurie DeJong and the Paper Fig Foundation. But that doesn’t mean the Invisible Thread wasn’t already connecting them.

“You look back over time,” said Gould, “and there was already an invisible thread connecting us to Paper Fig. We are connected to people and places in ways we don’t even know. That’s the beauty of life.”

They’ve traveled all over the world, finding these connections everywhere they go. And these connections fuel their work.

“We can be connected to people we never knew,” said Matthews. “Someone helps me and I help someone else and that becomes a greater movement. That’s why we aligned with the Paper Fig Foundation.”

Especially for small non-profits and foundations working on big problems, the need to connect is real.

“Aid work can feel overwhelming,” said Matthews. “But it’s not about grabbing an entire village. It’s about changing the life of one person. That person gets empowered to help someone else. It makes the mission seem more attainable.”

At BELA MUSANA on November 27, we imagine a whole room of people connected by The Invisible Thread.

 For more on what Matthews and Gould are working on now and the energy they’ll bring to the event, check back in on Friday.

Thanks to jamer12 & thecheckeredshirt for their images.