NYFW Meets the Paper Fig Fellows

September 17, 2018  

Perhaps nothing epitomizes the invisible thread that the Paper Fig Foundation intends to stitch between rural East Africa, African cities, and New York as well as the Paper Fig Fellows. These bright young creatives align with the Paper Fig Foundation, and our mission is to provide them with the education, mentorship and support they need to grow.

But the Fellowship is not about finding the next big star and helping them explode onto the fashion scene, leaving their community behind. Rather, our fellows are selected because not only do we believe they will be successful, but we also believe they will bring their skills and expertise back to their home countries, to help develop the fashion industry right there.

“The Paper Fig Fellows Program is key to the invisible thread between the work we do in East Africa and the fashion industry in New York,” explained Laurie DeJong, founder of the Paper Fig Foundation. “We choose two people who have worked on our platforms in Africa to come to New York and train and work with our fashion show production team.”

Check back in Wednesday to meet Cedric Mizero and Emolsa Haasacha, the current Paper Fig Fellows who took this NYFW by storm.

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