The Runway Ahead

January 8, 2019  

The Runway Ahead

The vision of the Paper Fig Foundation is to continue stitching together communities through fashion and the arts.

2019 Goals

1. To that end, we plan to focus in 2019 on strengthening the connection between Kampala and Kasese, and other rural areas of Eastern Africa.

  •         Paper Fig Sew School teachers will travel to Kampala Fashion Week to see how their students could put their skills to use
  •         Paper Fig Fellows and members of the Kampala Fashion Week team will travel to Kasese to teach classes at the Paper Fig Sew School

2. We will continue to strengthen the connection between African cities and New York.

  •         The Fellowship Program: Selection of two more Paper Fig fellows for 2019 who demonstrate talent and potential as well as a commitment to empowering their home countries with their newfound skills.
  •         LDJ Production staff will build on the model of Kampala Fashion Week by mentoring and assisting at Fashion Week events in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. 

3. Holistic Community Development

  •       Building on our success at the Marietta Steinberg Health Center to bring clean water to the area, we will pursue avenues to add solar energy to the health center.
  •       Once equipped with solar, then we can apply for approval to construct a maternity wing.

4. Grassroots Development

  •       The Paper Fig Sew School Alumni Association: We will work towards securing the alumni association with a space of their own to house the 16 sewing and knitting machines that were granted them by the Ugandan government. This building should be near the marketplace so alumni can make and sell their work at the market.
  •       We will strengthen community connections, cultivating a relationship between the Paper Fig Sew School and Mweya Lodge for sale of dresses.
  •       Once they have shown they can provide these goods, we will grow to other markets in East Africa and in the US.

Long Term Goals

The Paper Fig Foundation will grow its ability to empower and educate communities in East Africa through fashion and the arts, making impact investments, producing convening events, and funding grants.

  •       The Paper Fig Sew School will continue to train people in rural communities, and those graduates will be eligible to apply for programs like the Uganda Seed Project and other opportunities to take their skills to the next level. The invisible thread will eventually stitch from the rural communities to the cities and internationally, bringing opportunity to all.
  •       The Fellowship Program will continue to grow and flourish, so that fellows become teachers and mentors for future fellows.
  •       We will find a partner organization with specialization in healthcare to help grow the Marietta Steinberg Health Center into a Category 3 Health Center, with a maternity wing, electricity, and refrigeration for vaccines.
  •       Kampala Fashion Week will become a self-sufficient example of how the fashion industry can bring economic revenue and cultural empowerment to regions across East Africa and worldwide.