The Uganda Seed Project

October 8, 2018  

When the Paper Fig Foundation took over the Uganda Seed Project this year, we were able to run the program the way we think it should be run. Of the hundreds of applicants from all over Uganda, twelve were selected as finalists. And this experience wasn’t just about winning. Because for these twelve finalists, they had already won.

“They have finally found a creative community,” said Rachel Young, who is the Project Manager of the Uganda Seed Project. “This is huge. People who would never have had a chance to meet before, who have the same interests, who can help develop their own individual talents.”

Once the group was selected back in July, they started meeting. They learned everything about the business from stellar mentors. Gloria Wavamunno, founder of Kampala Fashion Week, serves as a mentor and actually took each contestant shopping to help them stay within budget on their supplies.

“This was a program to teach them the business of fashion,” said Young. “They all have natural talent, and most are self taught. But we wanted to be sure they learned what it means to have a vision and create that vision.”