Water is Life

September 24, 2018  

Water is life. But in many of the places where the Paper Fig Foundation works, access to clean water is scarce. On a hot day at the equator, children stand in the dust with nothing to drink. When someone is sick from malaria, a doctor needs to be able to offer them a glass of water. In order to build a maternity wing on a health center, clean running water is required. These are the problems the Paper Fig Foundation is committed to tackling in serving the communities holistically, thereby empowering the people in those communities to do good work. 

“Priorities aren’t vertical,” said Ron Voller, Paper Fig consultant on the Kasese water project. “They’re horizontal.”

So when The Paper Fig Foundation decided to get involved in Kasese, Uganda, we got involved in the whole picture. The Marietta Steinberg Health Center was necessary to fulfill the health demands of the community. But how can we have a health center without running water?

“The health center staff got drinking water from a tap at Kihara trading center, which is about 1 kilometer away from the health center,” explained Edith Muhindo, Director of Operations for the Paper Fig Foundation in Kasese. “They use a jerrycan to draw the water, and one of the staff, Alozius, who is a cleaner, does that work. However, this was so chaotic.”

The jerrycans had to be carried the kilometer up the steep hill to the health center. It was essential, because some of the most common illnesses that people come to the health center for are dehydration, diarrhea, and malaria. As Doctor Joseph said, the first treatment he offers for patients suffering from malaria is a glass of water.

The Paper Fig Foundation is proud to announce that the Marietta Steinberg Health Center is now being equipped with a water collection tank and a filtration system that will ensure patients have clean drinking water when they need it most.

“Thanks to the PFF team and donors for the water project that is going to solve this problem,” said Muhindo.

Find out how this project came together by checking back in on Wednesday.