Water Is Life Celebration at Paper Fig Health Center

May 10, 2019  

The completion of the water project in Kihara, a mountainous area near the Paper Fig Skills Training School, has directly affected the 600 people who live nearby. There was no access to clean drinking water before. People collected water from a stream, which was contaminated and caused heaslth problems ranging from diarrhea to typhoid. But now, people can bring their jerry cans to the tap and fill up with drinking water for their families each day. 

During the Water is Life celebration last week, dancers and singers performed songs about the positive impact the water tap and the accompanying tank had on their community. Community leaders spoke about the threats of drinkng contaminated water. And Edith Muhindo, Area Supervisor of the Paper Fig Foundation in Kasese, implored the community to caer for the new system. 

"As you go fetch water, use it as your own water," said Muhindo. "Own this water project and take care of it, because it's your own."

This water project was made possible by a generous $3000 grant from an anonymous member of the Paper Fig Foundation family. It took months and months of work, and the entire community of Kihara's participation, but now the people of the region will have clean drinking water during both rainy and dry seasons. To learn more about the details of the water project, click here. To make a donation to help fund equally pressing projects of the Paper Fig Foundation, like solar panels, doctor's education, or maternity care, click here.