Water is Life: Part 3

September 28, 2018  

Designed by Harvard graduates, Spouts of Water is a clay-based filtration system that ensures drinking water free of harmful bacteria. The products are made in Uganda, and about 30 employees in the country run the operations.

“Clay is a dense material,” explained Voller. “When clay is wet, bacteria can’t get through. So it’s a capable filtration system.”

The system consists of clay pots, into which water is poured. The water slowly seeps through the clay, and comes out clean on the other side.

“Our system will give up to 50 people clean drinking water for two years,” said Voller.

These larger systems cost $80, and Paper Fig will set up one at the health center and one at the Sew School. People can come with their jerrycans and pour their water through, and their water will be clean. This company also makes smaller, family size filtration systems, which filter water for smaller groups for two years. These devices are only $25, and it is our goal to distribute them widely in the Kasese district.

“You realize pretty early in the game you need to get a healthy society in order to make it more vibrant,” said Voller. “I attribute a huge amount of the problems in Kasese to access to water. The cleanest water they have is not clean.”

Until now.

Contribute $25 to equip a family with a filtration system that will give them clean water for two years.